Cleared Hot: Art Wall Banger

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In collaboration w/ CLEARED HOT CO. We bring you...

*Coughs into best fine art curator voice*

THIS fine piece of 21st century North American war art. Depicted is the warfighters of the time idealistic female companion garbed in flowing robe, metaphorically calling to the reaper of death as part of life. Note the traditional war tattoos of the era. Gander upon the fine suppressed weapon system levitating in a state of awe and respect beckoning the observer to think on the simplicity and ferocity of the forever wars of the time.

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This product is available in two sizes.

Respectable Medium ~ 12.25" x 16.50"

Go Big or Go Home Large ~18" x 24.5"

Both available "ready to frame" or with top installed grommets for hanging at no additional cost. 

On fine premium leather canvas. Hand wash and treated by your favorite Spicy Water Boys.